Hockey Game Situations

Hockey game situations

Hockey plays and game action, transferred to hockey drills

How do the professional or national hockey teams play, that’s a question I sometimes get. By watching a hockey game you can see moves or plays on the ice, but to move those hockey plays or moves to a drill, is time consuming and requiring knowledge in hockey and of course good equipment (recording DVD-player).

This is what I have done, watched a lot of hockey games and used my hockey knowledge to move those hockey plays seen to understandable hockey drill drawings (300 game situations). I have combined hockey moves from several professional hockey teams and picked out those moves that are recurring and seems to be practiced.

Of course I have included the moves that lead to scoring a goal. What you don’t see on the drawings is what hockey team made those moves or which one lead to a scored goal, because almost all drills are ended with a shot on/in goal.

These hockey game drills are a little bit more advanced (sometimes) than other drills and in that way the drills are more suitable for older Boys / girls or men / women’s hockey teams practices, training and coaching.

You get hockey plays and drills covering a lot of situations in a hockey game,
– for your forwards,
– for defensive players
– and also for your goalies
The drills are divided into three groups,
– Offensive zone hockey drills
– Playing up from your own zone and transitions
– Power play and face off hockey drills

In total you get about 300 hockey drills / plays, which you of course can split up to part hockey drills and that way get even more hockey drills to use on your practices. uses PayPal for secure payments Buy the game situation drills E-Book

You order the hockey game situation drills (300) by clicking the Buy Now button below or in the menu below the picture, you will now be moved to PayPal to make a secure payment. After fulfilling the payment the hockey game situation drills will be sent to you personally by e-mail (pdf). So you will not get an auto respond mail with the drills, but the drills will be sent to you as quick as possible. (these hockey drills don’t have a written explanation, you follow the numbered players, passes and other symbols)

Hockey game situations

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