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Hockeycoach.se has been on the web since 2004. I have been a head coach in hockey for almost 20 years on “all levels”. I have taken all the hockey coaching educational steps and trainings you can take in Sweden and also studied in Coach Academy which then no longer is related only to hockey (sports coaching on elite level). I Hope you find this hockey coaching page useful and want to try my hockey drills and practices to get some “Swefinnish”, Swedish/Finnish icehockey influences to your hockey practices and training!

Hockeycoach.se is not only about hockey practices and drills. Sharing hockey coaching knowledge, training advices, practice experiences or asking for help in issues you are facing with your hockey team, is today possible for you through hockeycoach.se Facebook team. Go to the Hockeycoach.se Facebook site >>

Who's behind hockeycoach.se? Who’s behind hockeycoach.se?

My name is Jukka Aro and I’m 36 years old, born in Finland but living since 26 years in Sweden. I have been a head coach in hockey for almost 20 years for ice hockey teams on different levels. In 2004 I decided to try something totally new and different for me, by “moving” my hockey coaching and practices to the internet. A huge step learning how to create a hockey web site and also moving the hockey drills from paper and from my head to power point and pdf files.

Hockey Coaching / Leadership / Education Hockey Coaching / Leadership / Education:

– Level 3 of Swedish Ice hockey Associations coach education (Required in the highest league,Elitserien)
– 2 years at the Coach Academy (Leadership, coaching theory, strength training, training planning, sports medicine, mental training, nutrition and testing methods)
– A one year leadersip- and team building education.
– Shorter leadership and coaching educations.

Hockey Coaching tasks Hockey Coaching tasks:

– Boy teams 6 to 16 years old.
– A-junior (up to 20 years) and B-junior (up to 18 years) teams in the first division. (The B-junior team advanced to the league during my last season.)
– Men, head coach for Eskilstuna HC in division 3.
– Men, a short time as an assistant coach in division 1.
– Region team, head coach for Sodermanland 2 in TV-puck in 1998 together with NHL / Vancouver Canucks legend Thomas Gradin.

My “daily” work since 10 years back, has been team- and leadership development at one of the biggest Swedish companies, from the end of 2005 I worked as the quality and environmental manager at the same company untill the end of 2011. 2012 I’m working with leadership again in apractical way, by being a manager for two teams, in the same company…

Jukka Aro
or phone: plus, fourtysix, seven six seven one zero one two nine six

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