Hockey Coaching Leadership the Mourinho Way

Football Leadership Mourinho & Waterboy

Content in Football Leadership Mourinho & Waterboy (eBook)

The leadership model
Leader responsibility vs Team Responsibility
Energy / Motivation
Goals / Direction
Analyze your teams strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – SWOT
The power of three letters
Why are your players there?
For Me, the Team or why do I do it?
Why do you do things, what are the motives?
For me or for someone else?
Motivation to stay in the team
SMART or “Outside the Box” Goals?
Make the “non-realistic” goal realistic
Mourinho creates belief in the goals
Synchronized video and audio
Verbal and body language
Guided discovery
Are we looking at the same picture?
Correct Mental Pictures
Norms create team culture
Mourinho’s rules in Real Madrid
Stress level affects focus and attention
Specific goals
Strengthen your teams resources and skills
Easiest part to copy between teams
Waterboy Leadership – We are a team
You are a key player
Every role is an important role, even the Waterboy…
Role definitions
A role is built up
Role conflicts
Conflict handling – Relationship vs Performance/results
Team dynamics
Correct Attitude = Success
“Talent is not enough”
Give 100 %
Building up team spirit
Barcelona is the enemy outside the team?
Team Spirit inside the team
Team size
Home and away games – Invincible at home
Internazionale vs AC Milan locker room
Practicing is my secret
10 000 Hours – 10 years
Repeat mode
Messi, Eto’o and Ronaldo feints
Social facilitation
David Beckham, free kicks
He was lucky?
Run the extra mile
The power of small steps
Football is about 1 on 1?
To challenge or to be challenged
Become a Master in 20% of your activities
José Mourinho 36 football drills
Combined football drills
A winning role, You can do it! Yes we can!
Create a winning climate
Tune in the communication frequency
Sorry I can’t hear you, my ego want’s some attention
New behaviors – New results
Feedback to all players, from striker to waterboy
Social loafing
See each individual performance
Hard days will always come, but never last?
Celebrate with the team or with me?
Feedback during the football match
How to celebrate a goal?
Feedback to the team or individuals?
Mistake or to make it complete mistake?
There is some truth in what you say
José Mourinho football practices and philosophy – The Mourinho Code
Mourinho’s football practice philosophy
“Box thinking”
Individual practice
Ball possession in the midfield
Mourinho – Psychology and youth football
Attitude of invincibility
Mourinho – Everything can be controlled
Remove the complexity
Brutal honesty
Example of a football practice week
Influences from other countries
Summary of models

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