Hockey Goal Scoring

Hockey goal scoring theory, facts, practices, drills and training eBook, 55 valuable hockey coaching pages, to improve goal scoring in hockey.
Hockey, Goal, Scoring, Theory, Practices, Drills, Knowledge, How, To, Score

Content in hockey goal scoring eBook:
– Introduction – Goal Scoring
– Goal Scoring Coach?
– Goal scoring opportunities
– Goal scoring training focus
– Goal Scoring – Off Ice
– Goal Scoring drills
– Goal scoring distance
– Move in the sight
– Freeze the goalie
– Goal Scoring model
– Goal Scoring Area
– Small sided goal scoring drills and practices
– More goal scoring drills
– Feedback and Celebration

Hockey, Goal, Scoring, Practices, Drills, Theory, eBook, PDFHockey, Goal, Scoring, Training, Coaching, eBook, Pages, Practices, Drills

55 pages of valuable hockey goal scoring coaching, drills, practices and training, you can buy the eBook for 17,95€