Hockey training books for coaches and players

Multidimensional Hockey Drills and Training – …When you increase your hockey players “bandwidth” during the hockey practices, with challenging multitasking drills with reduced time, you actually do the opposite for the feeling of the game, you slowdown the game for them thanks to higher “bandwidth”. This is exactly the purpose of this book, to give you the understanding, tools and methods to increase the “bandwidth”, with nonlinear or multidimensional hockey drills and coaching for all of your players. Buy the book from ALIBRIS, AMAZON or other online bookstores.

Hockey at Home – Train hockey at home is a book for hockey players in all ages, who are ready train extra by their own, in other words for hockey players with big hockey heart, but also for hockey parents, who wants to support their child to develop in hockey, by practicing extra at home. Are you motivated to practice extra and want to learn more, and know what and how to practice hockey at home? In that case, in this book you will get training tips, drills for shooting, skill drills, but also physical exercises and coordination training you can perform at home. Buy the book from ALIBRIS, AMAZON or other online bookstores.

Hockey Leadership and coaching – What is required from a successful hockey coach or a hockey team? How can you as the coach bring your team to the next level on ice, but also see and strengthen each individual in the team? How do you create engagement, work with goal setting, teambuilding, strengthen your players hockey capacity, run efficient on ice practices, reduce collaboration losses, get results and work with your communication and feedback, to develop your team and yourself?
The team development and leadership areas are connected to an easy to use and practical leadership model, strengthened with examples, teambuilding exercises, on and off ice practices and hockey drills for you to use. Buy the book from ALIBRIS, AMAZON or other online bookstores.

Match-Like Hockey Drills – Match-like hockey drills. The idea of this hockey book is that the focus should be entirely on hockey drills in different categories and that all hockey drills link as much as possible to the theme of match-like hockey training, whether it is a warm up drill, skating or a passing drill. The hockey drills with turnovers, breakouts, offensive drills and 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, of course naturally gets a strong connection to the theme match-like hockey drills.

You also get tips on “spices” for the hockey drills, which make a difference, details that cannot be drawn into the drills, but link the drills even more strongly to the theme match-like hockey drills! Buy the book from ALIBRIS, AMAZON or other online bookstores.